What is the most important invitation you have ever given to someone?

For some, it will be when you asked your wife to marry you. Maybe it was invitations to a very important party, or to ask someone to join you in a project that would help someone in need.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus was born. A group of shepherds were invited by angels to go and see the baby laying in a manger. Thirty years later, He invited a group of men who were just having a normal day at work to “Follow me.” Those words struck a chord in the hearts of these men. Because of the invitation of Jesus and a group of men who said “yes” – you and I rejoice in the life of Christ two thousand years later.

Jesus is still inviting men to follow Him, and we have the awesome privilege to carry that message forward. In a time when the world is talking about the ways men abuse women, when men say yes to Jesus then women are honoured.

In a time when marriages face increasing challenges, when men say yes to Jesus then their wife is loved as Christ loves the church. In a time when the absence of fathers from families is causing increased damage and poverty, when men say yes to Jesus they learn to father their children like God fathers us while caring for the orphan and the widow in the name of Jesus.

Behind every story and every statistic, there is an invitation. It’s an invitation from everyday men and an invitation from Jesus Himself.

Will you help extend that invitation even further?

As we approach the end of 2017, I want to invite you to help make the invitation of Jesus known to even more men across Canada. Our vision is to Leave No Man Behind—to see every man becoming, growing, and living as disciples of Jesus Christ. Much has been accomplished, but many more men need to hear this invitation as we move towards 2018.

Together, we can Leave No Man Behind!

Kirk Giles is the president of Promise Keepers Canada. However, his most important roles as a man are husband to Shannon and father to Carter, Joshua, Sydney and Samuel.



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