Jesus’ ministry began with a simple invite to his disciples, and that invitation changed the world.

Chris’ life changed with an invitation as well. Chris was working as a mechanic at Greenvalley Equipment, when the owner, Ernie, came over one day and asked him if he wanted to go to a Promise Keepers event. Chris didn’t know anything about Promise Keepers at the time and thought, “Why would I want to go to that?”. But, out of respect for his employer, and with a little bit of curiosity, he decided to go.

He was deeply moved by the worship of thousands of men singing praises to God. Chris felt inspired and convicted by the messages he was hearing. He was also reminded through the Holy Spirit of the importance of God in his life, and to be a better husband and father. He felt a renewed desire for his family to engage in church and for himself to attend a men’s group on a regular basis. God was bringing new life to Chris.

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That men’s conference experience led to several others. At one session in particular the Holy Spirit stirred something in Chris: the opportunity to take his love for the Lord and turn that into something that would have an impact in someone else’s life. He decided to go on a mission trip to build houses for the impoverished in the Dominican Republic.

When he arrived there, Chris was not prepared for what he would experience. He was quickly brought to tears by the extreme poverty. He felt almost ashamed to be living in a prosperous country. Even his small used camper at home seemed like a castle compared to the conditions these people were living in. Chris was overwhelmed with humility. The need was so great, and he knew he wanted to do more. He had too.

“You think you’re going there to help, but you’re the one who is getting blessed.”

In 2013 he went for two 10-week long trips, for which his company was kind enough to accommodate his absence. He didn’t stop there, though. After much prayer, Chris and his young family, through the Samaritan Foundation, went on a year-long mission trip where they shared the love of Jesus by helping others.

Chris taught small engine repair to locals so they could look after their own equipment or start small businesses to provide income for their families. He has had so many opportunities to share the gospel with other men and to show them what it means to be a follower of Jesus. “You think you’re going there to help, but actually you’re the one who is getting blessed,” said Chris. To God be all the glory!

It all started with an invitation.

We invite you to help make the invitation of Jesus known to even more men across Canada.

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