Dear Friends,

Is it possible to know if you are having an impact in life? This is a question I ask myself regularly. We are all so busy, and yet we want to know what we are doing matters.

What if I said you could make a difference that will matter for decades? When a man is walking with Jesus, there is a domino effect in every area of society, and it lasts for multiple generations. Here are a few real stories of the impact God is having through people like you.

IMAGINE THE IMPACT WHEN A MAN IN PRISON LEARNS HOW TO LOVE A WOMAN GOD’S WAY: “I was just talking to a fellow who had gone through the “Holy Love” booklet the other day. He showed me his booklet which had half of the pages ripped out as he was sending them to his girlfriend and said he had put in a request to have another book mailed to him as his was mostly gone. He also told me he thought he knew about love before going through the booklet and realizes now he really didn’t and said he now understands what he needs to do to express true love to God and his girlfriend.”

IMAGINE THE IMPACT IN A FAMILY AND A CHURCH WHEN A PASTOR HAS HOPE AGAIN: “I brought my 20-year-old son who is addicted to drugs and alcohol. Every session connected so well. Thank you… I’m a pastor. Without this encouragement this weekend I think I would be done. Now, I am going to keep battling with God’s help.”

IMAGINE THE HOPE AND HEALING THAT CAN COME FOR MANY OTHERS WHEN THIS HAPPENS: “I have had many disruptions in my life including being sexually abused when I was just a teenager. This was a major disruption! After the Promise Keepers Canada conference I have never been more clear that God wants that disruption to mean something more than a disruption. I have my ears open and know that God will work through that disruption and I am now open to what he has in store for me!”

IMAGINE THE IMPACT WHEN MEN WHO HAVE WALKED WITH GOD FOR A LONG TIME CONTINUE TO SEEK GOD: “Today’s devotion showed me how much farther I need to go. There was a time this would have gotten me down, but today it excites me. Oh that we all had this much faith and commitment.”

When you invest in men through the ministry of Promise Keepers Canada, you can know you are having an impact.

Thanksgiving is a time of year where we all reflect on God’s goodness to us. There is no greater goodness than His grace in our lives. Ephesians 2:9 teaches us that God’s grace was given to us so we could have an impact – to walk in the good works Jesus has created for us.

This Thanksgiving, here are three ways you can have an impact in the lives of men:

  1. Bring a man with you to a Promise Keepers Canada “Impact” Men’s Conference
  2. Help men you know download the Promise Keepers Canada app where they can access tons of free resources, videos, and podcasts
  3. Become a monthly partner or make a one time donation to help more Impact stories happen.

Together in the vision to Leave No Man Behind!

Kirk Giles
President, Promise Keepers Canada

P.S. You can help more stories of Impact happen by making a special donation at today!

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