Purchasers wishing to receive a refund for unused registrations have the following options:

  1. Return the registration(s) for a tax receipt. Tax receipts will be issued for the entire ticket cost.
  2. Return the registration(s) for a refund. However, the following conditions apply to any refund:
    • If the registrations were purchased as part of a group sale, the complimentary ticket(s) will be deducted first.
    • If, after returning tickets, the final amount of group registrations purchased falls below 10 in total, the entire purchase will be recalculated at the early bird price per ticket.
    • Returned registrations will then be subject to a $25 per registration administration fee.

Example of Refund:

Original Purchase

  • 10 registrations X $45 = $450
  • Plus 1 complimentary ticket added for purchase of 10 registrations.
  • Total of 11 registrations for $450


Refund Request

  • Request refund for 5 unused registrations.
  • One used registration is considered the complimentary ticket, reducing refund request to 4 unused registrations.
  • Returning 4 registrations reduces the original purchase number to 6 tickets. Original purchase cost is recalculated at Early Bird rate of $65 per registration.

6 X $50 = $300

  • Returned registrations subjected to admin fee

4 x $25 = $100

  • New costs and admin fee deducted from original purchase amount

$450 – $300 – $100 = $50

  • Total refund for 5 registrations after adjustments is $50