We could all use some encouragement.

For Valentine’s Day this year, help encourage couples.
Give them a devotional and see marriages strengthened through God’s Word.

Bless the couples in your church with a four-week devotional that gathers insights and wisdom from some of today’s most respected marriage experts and authors. The Devoted couple’s devotional will help strengthen their marriages as they read God’s word, pray together and listen to wisdom from great teachers like Bill and Pam Farrel, and Gary Thomas.

Each devotional includes bonus online content with online teaching videos, audio messages, articles and interviews from Gary Thomas, Bill Farrel, Neil Josephson, and Sheila Wray Gregoire.

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 1–9 copies $4 ea.
 10–49 copies$1.50 ea.
 50–99 copies$1.35 ea.
 100–249 copies $1.25 ea.
 250+ copies $1.20 ea.