Bible Verse: And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. 2 Timothy 2:2

Scripture Reading: 2 Timothy 2:1-26

Social crusading is so much easier than finding God. Fighting for Christian standards sometimes seems to involve a belligerence that compromises humility, or an aggression that masquerades as courage. And working to overcome our personal problems requires less of us than seeking God with all our hearts. Neither social crusading nor solving our problems stirs the kind of self-awareness that lets us know that the real problem is within ourselves.

Becoming godly people is no simple matter, unless you define godliness as merely avoiding obvious sin (and getting others to do the same) or as resolving our problems so that pleasant feelings return — feelings that we can then call victory.

But when godliness is understood to involve a passion for God that continually transforms the way we relate to others, it makes us willing to postpone personal comfort till a later day. This godliness stirs a desire to know Christ that is stronger than every other desire, and it shows us that our greatest enemy is ourselves. Becoming like Christ becomes our consuming ambition.

The great need of our day will not be met by training more counselors. It will not be met by leaders calling us to join the fight against moral pollution in our society.

The greatest need in our world today is simply this: godly men and women who possess and display a quality of life that reflects the character of God, and that provokes curiosity in others about how they too can know God well. If we can recognize the path to spiritual maturity, if we can identify and respond to the appetite for Christ placed within us by God’s Spirit, then perhaps thirty years from now my dream for a generation of mentors might come true. Think of it! Spiritual fathers and mothers, godly brothers and sisters, creating communities of people who care about outsiders and draw those outside the circle into something they’ve never known but have always wanted. Communities of people whose passion for Christ is stronger than their grudges, their competition for recognition, and their jealous feelings. Christians who have been mentored for long seasons of time by spiritual fathers and mothers, and who — as a result — are so consumed with knowing Christ better that they hang in there through the messiness of community and never give up on themselves or others, because they know that Christ hasn’t given up and never will. They have seen him in their mentors.

— Dr. Larry Crabb in Men of Courage

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