Bible Verse: “And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.” (Genesis 1:3)

Scripture Reading: Genesis 1:1-25

“And God said. . .” Stop there. Think for a moment, and you’ll realize that right there is the first instance of prayer: God, speaking to God. Maybe that’s not what you expected – it certainly isn’t what I expected when I purposed to look at prayer through the lens of Genesis. Yet the best definition of prayer is nothing less than communication with God, so when we see communication within the Trinity, we can and should recognize it as prayer.

Actually, isn’t that the highest view of prayer? Communication within the Trinity! Think for a moment of the implication: that God would invite us – His creation – to speak to Him is for Him to invite us, even while we are yet fallen and living in our broken world, to come alongside the very heart of the Godhead in dialogue! To speak to God is nothing less than to do what He Himself is doing. Far from being a mundane chore or pointless practice of the pious, prayer is the highest of callings. Let it be said from the outset that what God would teach us about prayer is nothing short of the greatest of blessings. It’s about Him. It’s about His presence. It’s about speaking to His face. It’s about being in communion with the Trinity. Wow!

What happens next is even more astonishing, because the Word records, “And God said . . . and there was light” (Genesis 1:3). Right from the very start, we can know that prayer accomplishes things.

God could have written that He intended to create light and then did so by Himself. But He doesn’t. He says that He spoke first and then it was accomplished, that it was through dialogue with God that all of creation happened. Prayer is powerful because He to whom we pray is real and powerful. He to whom we pray can do all things. He to whom we pray is Creator and sovereign over all things!

I think the reason He reveals such great things about the power of prayer right from the beginning is so that we might start our relationship with Him in worship, full of awe that He is God. In a way, all prayer to God is worship, and all who pray are worshippers.

— Marcus Verbrugge in Beginnings: Growing in Prayer Through Genesis © 2015 by Marcus Verbrugge. Used by permission.

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