This week’s devotions are a summary of Promise Keepers 2018-2019 DISRUPTIVE conferences.

Bible Verse: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1)

Scripture Reading: 2 Corinthians 5:16-21

This first sentence of Scripture calls me to a decision: Do I believe this truth claim or I don’t I? I can continue reading the Bible, but I will eventually have to consider my acceptance or denial of that opening statement.

Then I must make another decision: Do I believe Jesus died for my redemption and deliverance from sin? If I do believe, then I must choose to trust Jesus as Lord and Leader of my life. To trust Jesus impacts everything. To follow him means I am no longer who I once was and I am declaring a relinquishing of control, even on my worst days. Jesus Christ is now the source of everything in your life.

‘Justification’ means “to be made right” – and I was made right with God when I believed that what happened on the cross was for me. Standing in this new place of having been justified by God two paths emerge. On path A, I believe that now through my own effort and diligence I must pull up my socks and change into someone better. This is sanctified self-effort. Alternatively, on path B, I believe that I am already completely changed. I trust God has made me a new creation, the righteousness of God, even if I at times, and I will as I learn this new life. Following path B, I am maturing into who I already am in Christ. I will mature because of my identity in Jesus. I am already righteous and made right by God when I believed.

Path A is a cruel joke we play on ourselves and a standard we can never live up to. On that path we strive for a righteousness we had all along. We imagine a false god saying “Yes, your sins are forgiven, but you are still a failure. You had excuses before but not anymore.” This view of God is distorted by shame and the lie that we can earn our way with the Father.

Those on path B, however, are joyfully allowing God’s disruptive grace to intervene and free them to live their new standing. God has already given the believer the DNA of righteousness. Nothing we do will make us more righteous than we already are because our righteousness is in the grace of God revealed in Jesus Christ – it is not something we earn. We will mature into what God has already formed, as we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Which path are you going to walk down today?

— Rick Verkerk, Director, Conferences, Promise Keepers Canada

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