Each Saturday we draw on the insights of Christian leaders and thinkers from the past.

This month, we spend time with Menno Simons (ca. 1496-1561). A Catholic priest at age 28. By 40 years of age, his weariness with his selfish life, a renewed study of the Scriptures, and influence of Reformers like Martin Luther, led him to the conclusion that his faith was a sham. He committed himself to Christ, was re-baptized upon the confession of his faith, and gave the rest of his life to loving and organizing fledgling and suffering congregations in the Netherlands and Northern Germany.

Scripture Reading: Acts 17:1-12

Dear reader, I admonish and advise you, if you seek God with all your heart and would not be deceived, do not depend upon men and the doctrine of men, however old, holy and excellent it may be esteemed, for one theologian is against another, both in ancient and in modern times; but build upon Christ and His Word alone, upon the sure teaching and practice of his Holy apostles and you will through the grace of God be kept safe from all false doctrine and the power of the devil, and walk before your God with a confident and pious mind.

Therefore I deem it needful and well, sincerely to admonish my beloved readers, not to accept my doctrine as the Gospel of Jesus Christ until they have investigated for themselves and found it to agree with the Spirit and Word of the Lord, that their faith may not be founded on me nor any other teacher or writer, but solely on Jesus Christ.

— Menno Simons

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