Bible Verse: “I lie down and sleep; I wake again because the LORD sustains me.” Psalm 3:5

Scripture Reading: Psalm 4:1-8

As we begin a new week, we want to build off what God’s Word has been saying to us over the past few days. We have looked at how God’s character has set the foundation for us. In this present crisis, we can trust him. This week, we will explore what it practically looks like to trust God.

How well are you sleeping right now? What is keeping you up at night? When life seems to be coming apart, it is common for my mind to run in a million different directions at night. This can sometimes happen even when life is good. Yet, the Bible shows us a God who comes to us so we can rest.

In Psalm 3, David (during a season of a wildly broken relationship with his son) is still able to sleep well at night. Why? Because he believes in his heart and mind that God is his shield and the One who sustains him (v. 3-5).

In Psalm 4, David brings us to the place of understanding how we can sleep well at night.

This Psalm begins with David praying and crying out for vindication from God. Between verse 2 and verse 3 is the word Selah. Many Bible scholars believe this word means “Pause” – like a pause that is written in the music of a song.

Once he hits the pause button on his prayer for vindication, it is like David takes a deep breath and comes back to what he knows to be true. The Lord has set apart the faithful for himself; he will hear when I call. Reflect in your heart and be still.

After this “pause” in his prayer, look at how David’s prayer changes tune. He went from calling on God’s vindication to acknowledging the great and wondrous joy that God has placed in his heart. David is able to sleep in peace because of the Lord.

When you are faced with an anxious heart, and you are begging God to fix your circumstances, take a lesson from David and pause your prayer. Take a deep breath and refocus on what you know to be true about God. Invite God to help you sleep in peace and in joy.

God invites us to find our rest in Him, and when we do, He gives us the gift of rest at night.

— Kirk Giles, President, Promise Keepers Canada

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