Bible Verse: “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.” Genesis 2:24

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 5:3-5

In Ephesians 5:3-5, Paul gives us two ways to treat sex.

One way is sexual immorality. Paul describes sexual immorality and impurity — broad terms that refer to every kind of sexual sin, every form of marriage outside of God’s ordained context of covenantal marriage. He also mentions filthiness, foolish talk, and crude joking.

This is the default way to handle sex. It was in Ephesus back then, and it’s also the default way to handle it today. Nobody thinks twice about it.

But Paul says that these shouldn’t even be named among us. This approach to sex is to be completely banished from the Christian community.

The other way to handle sex is to treasure sex and give thanks for it. This is the Christian vision for sex. Verse 4 says, “instead let there be thanksgiving…”

John Stott explains what Paul means:

…the reason why Christians should dislike and avoid vulgarity is not because we have a warped view of sex, and are either ashamed or afraid of it, but because we have a high and holy view of it as being in its right place God’s good gift, which we do not want to see cheapened. All God’s gifts, including sex, are subjects for thanksgiving, rather than for joking. To joke about them is bound to degrade them; to thank God for them is the way to preserve their worth as the blessings of a loving Creator.

What’s the Christian view of sex? To give thanks to God for it; to see it as one of his generous gifts; to refuse to cheapen it by misusing it. We begin to treasure sex. We begin to thank God for his generous gift. Our sexuality becomes holy.

Sex is a gift from God. Your sex life can actually be an act of worship to God, a subject of thanksgiving and life. That’s the Christian vision of sex: your sexuality as a means of glorifying God and enjoying his good gift.

Canadian pastor Mark Clark writes, “Instead of keeping people away from God, sex should draw us all closer to him. And that, in the end, may be the most radical idea of all.”

Ask God to help you avoid sexual immorality so that your sex life becomes a way to glorify him.

Darryl Dash, founding pastor of Liberty Grace Church in Toronto, ON

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