Bible Verse: How long, Lord? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me? (Psalm 13:1)

Why do we need to keep asking God to deliver us from the anxiety that can fill our minds? Why doesn’t he just remove this anxiety the first time we pray for it?

We are becoming increasingly familiar with words like mental health, depression, and anxiety. There are many others who do not use these words, but who face mental battles on a regular basis. That great fear or worry that you have asked God to help you conquer may seem to keep coming back to you again and again. Why won’t these thoughts just go away?

David’s prayer in this psalm is heartfelt. He feels like God has forgotten him. Anxiety consumes his mind, and it feels like the circumstances of life are dominating his every moment and every thought.

In verse 3 we get a clearer idea of what David is looking for. He wants God to restore the life in his eyes. It’s a poignant moment. When your mind is swirling with doubts and fears and anxiousness you can see it in your eyes.

The beauty of this Psalm is that David recognizes the mental battle he is facing, and he determines in his heart that he is going to fight back against the lies by choosing to trust the faithful love of God, rejoicing in a deliverance he had not fully experienced yet, and singing to the Lord. David fights his mental health challenges by actively focusing on the One who has been generous towards him.

This Psalm is an invitation to a deeper relationship with God. It is not a promise that everything will be OK – it is a living example of how one man fought the battle of mental health by focusing on and celebrating the great generosity of God.

— Kirk Giles, President Promise Keepers Canada

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