Bible Verse: “On the third day there was a wedding at Cana in Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there. Jesus also was invited to the wedding with his disciples.” (John 12:1-2)

Scripture Reading: John 2:1-12

What would it be like to party with Jesus?

In John 2 he is at a wedding with family and friends. Clearly he has some wide and deep community connections. It even seems Mary, Jesus’ mother, has some responsibility at the wedding for she’s the one who first notices the wine shortage.

Jesus is not in any way presenting himself as some guru-type figure expecting people to come his way while he sits on a mountaintop. He comes over into the regular stuff of life. In fact, it seems he likes a good party. He’s ready to celebrate the beginning of a marriage, even endure the silly jokes and awkward relatives. It seems he’ll even watch what we drink. He’s no passerby. There’s no hint whatsoever that he or anyone else is uncomfortable. He’s clearly a part of the neighbourhood in which he lives.

These ancient Jewish weddings could last up to a week! And, he’s God the Son, God on a mission to save the world, yet he’s got time for a lengthy community celebration. God is not in a hurry. Ever. He will pause with us in our every day. Yes, even today. He’ll linger longer than we even think is warranted. The real question is whether we’ll linger with him.

This is all enormously heartening. It can be easy in the hustle and bustle to separate God from our everyday stuff; from the joys and celebrations of life. We rush him with our demands to prove himself whereas, perhaps, we’d be better off simply communing with him, waiting with him, and letting our hearts enlarge and our eyes be opened for when he does act.

Jesus seems content to linger. He is God at our disposal. He’s involved in the party, but he doesn’t seem to be the life of it. In fact, before the miracle, he’s not overtly noticeable. He’s just the guy in the back corner. It is his mother who calls him to act. It’s the servants who do the work. And, it is the bridegroom of the wedding who gets the applause.

All this, in a wonderfully everyday way, is God with us. God seeking human good and joy. God revelling in our normal, everyday life and the parties that mark the key moments.

What would change if I invited Jesus into the normal life of today?

— Phil Wagler, Promise Keepers Canada

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