Bible Verse: “Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven.” (Matthew 10:32)

Scripture Reading: Matthew 10:32-39

Matthew 10:32-39 describes the kind of people who change the world.

We are talking about people of total dedication and total commitment. People made of the real stuff, with nothing held back. These types of believers don’t go through the motions in their walk with God but offer total submission of their lives. These are the kinds of people God uses to change the course of history.

Florence Nightingale (founder of modern nursing) was thirty years of age she wrote this in her diary: “I am thirty years of age, the age at which Christ began His mission. Now, no more childish things, no more vain things”. Years later, near the end of her illustrious and heroic life, she was asked for the secret of her life. She replied: “I can only give one explanation, that is this ‑ I have kept nothing back from God.”

Kept nothing back. This is what the Lord is talking about in Matthew 10.

Now, are we not called to that kind of commitment in our own walk with Christ? This is a call for us to evaluate and self‑examine our commitment level. Jesus is saying for those who truly want to be His disciple, “Here is what I require.” This is the stuff of real discipleship.

We must note how honest Jesus is. He is up front. He doesn’t hold back anything. He tells us the cost.

We love to preach the free gift of salvation, but do we forget to mention that it will cost us our lives? It is just like when the rich young ruler came to Jesus in Mark 10:17-22. That young man wanted to know how to inherit eternal life. When Jesus sees his heart and tells him the cost of following the young man walked away. Jesus doesn’t run after him apologetically saying, “I am sorry, let me soften the message.” Instead, Jesus allows him to leave knowing that until this young man is willing to surrender all to Him, he cannot be his disciple.

Am I willing to keep nothing back in my life and this world to become a disciple of Christ? When I share the gospel with others do I leave out the cost of following Christ?

— Travis Whims, Director, Discipleship International

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