Bible Verse: Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4

Scripture Reading: Matthew 5:1-11

I know for me personally it is easy to get stuck on that first Beatitude before being able to move onto the ‘mourning’ stage. It wasn’t until more recently for me that I learned that these first two are more connected than I thought. Some find it helpful to see the beatitudes as a progression forward on one’s spiritual journey, and with that in mind it is our being poor in Spirit that causes us these feelings of longing and mourning over our sin and where we fall short.

This second beatitude isn’t describing mourning in terms of loss of a loved one, which was my first assumption. It’s the most relatable to us after all. Rather, the Greek word, pentheo, is describing those same feelings of loss and lament we might feel at a funeral, but in this case a sorrow over our sins. We grieve and mourn over them because it’s what keeps us from closeness with God that we want so badly.

I can’t speak for you, but if you’re reading this I believe you do desire and are searching for more of Christ in your life. Recognizing where we fall short is never an easy thing. Grieving our sins isn’t the primary focus of this either. The real point is the seeking of comfort and closeness with God. God is not interested in your Sunday morning sin management sermon. He wants you to grieve sin so that you long for more of him. It takes work, courage, some self-awareness, and most importantly caring friends around you. There’s hope in this teaching Jesus gives us.

Do you long for more of Jesus? Do you wish to be closer to him? Being sad and grieving in this way will provide you the opportunity to be comforted. A friend of mine recently told me that all who seek God will find him. So, keep yearning and keep mourning and longing for more – you will find him. “Blessed are the depressed who mourn and grieve, for they create space to encounter comfort from one another”1Brian Zhand, Beauty Will Save the World, 2012.

— Jon Pue, Youth Worker, Youth Unlimited, Langley, BC.

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