Bible Verse: For you are great and do marvelous deeds; you alone are God. (Psalm 86: 10)

Those who have visited the optometrist know the feeling of a series of tests designed to determine if you need glasses or not. For several months, my wife kept encouraging me to get my eyes checked and I kept encouraging her that I was fine and there were no issues. Now, imagine my surprise when I decided to honour my wife and go to the optometrist to discover that I could not see certain letters on the chart and that I would need glasses.

I learned something very important that day – perspective matters. I convinced myself that I was able to see clearly, but then I was confronted with the truth that things were a little fuzzy and glasses are what would really help me see clearly. When I put the glasses on for the first time, I was overwhelmed at the difference it made to my sight.

In Psalm 86, David is once again praying about the very difficult circumstances he is facing in his life. Verse 10 is like David finally put on a pair of glasses so that he could see clearly – “You alone are God.”

This one phrase puts all of life into perspective. There is nothing that people worship that is as great as God. There is no power on earth that compares to God. There is no activity on the planet that can thwart the mission of God. He alone is God!

There are moments where we attempt to take control of our lives, and there are moments when it feels like our lives have taken control of us. True clarity and perspective for every moment of your life will only come when you walk in the truth that He alone is God.

Rest in that perspective for your life today.

— Kirk Giles, President Promise Keepers Canada

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