Bible Verse: “Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?” (Psalm 85:6)

Scripture Reading: Psalm 85:1-13

When we understand and apply the gospel to every part of our lives, we truly behold the treasure gifted to each of us at the cross and cannot stop our zeal for God. And when we approach God with this kind of heart-burning passion, when God’s people take up His purposes for them in pursuit of Him, when the Church begins to truly seek Him, worship Him, pray to Him, and love Him, God responds.

We can’t limit what God can do. Ever. Why not revival in our day? Why not pray and ask and seek the Lord for greater and greater things? Why not desire that more lives be changed for the glory of God? Why not petition our God for a passion in the Church that has not been seen in decades? Why not beg Him for an effusion of the Holy Spirit that sends thousands and thousands to their knees with tears in their eyes and brokenness before Him?

Each time I fix my eyes on my Saviour, I see the hope of the world and the source of all glory. Each time I find myself broken in worship and filled with awe of Him, my prayers grow larger and my faith grows with it. Each time I’m filled with the Holy Spirit of God, I’m overwhelmed with the grace of His gospel, and I so desperately want the world to know it as well. To boil it down, I simply can’t stop asking great things from a God who can do all things. And revival is a great thing.

What great things might the Spirit be prompting me to pray for my church, community and loved ones today?

— Robbie Symons, founding pastor, Hope Bible Church in Oakville, ON

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