Bible Verse: Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth… Psalm 98:4

Scripture Reading: Psalm 98:1-9

What’s the noise you make?

Today, hopefully, you will gather with a group of believers and sing songs of praise – and maybe you think your voice is just noise and not really a melody. Get over it!
Sometimes men are the silent statues in worship gatherings; standing quietly as the band plays. If you’re doing that as a silent pondering of the holiness of the Lord, then do it with all your might. But, if you’re silent because of some self-conscious sense of the noise you make, well I’ll say it again, get over it!

Psalm 98 invites the whole of creation into a new song. It is the noisy loosing of lips and instrumentation globally to the praise of God who is holy, who has acted to save, and who is active everywhere.

Even the seas and hills join in with their noise (98:7-8). All creation, and that includes the silent male, is beckoned to get loud! To stay silent is to miss the point. The church doesn’t gather today to make a good song for our ears; we gather to make a new noise for the ears of our Creator and Saviour.

What’s the noise you make? Make it loud, joyful and revolutionary today!

— Phil Wagler, Promise Keepers Canada

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