Bible Verse: The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. Psalm 23:1

Scripture Reading: Psalm 23

It was a beautiful sunny day on the baseball diamond, and I was coaching a little kid’s team. Some of the players understood the different positions but for many of them I would walk them to their spot, mark an “X” in the dirt with my shoe and tell them to stand on the “X”. It was all about learning the game, having fun and respecting each other.

We had just gotten into positions and the other team was about to go to bat. Looking around I noticed Ethan had moved off his “X” and out of position. I got his attention and had him move back to where I had placed him. Then I heard his dad shouting from the bleachers for Ethan to move to the right. I moved Ethan back. His dad told him to move again.


I walked over, moved him back and made sure his dad saw. Smiling, I told Ethan he could listen to his dad later but on the field, he should listen to his coaches. His dad was just trying to help. He hadn’t heard me telling Ethan where to stand and although he was trying to help his son succeed, he was only creating confusion for Ethan.

Life is full of people trying to tell us how to live. Some, like advertisers, are trying to exploit us for their own profit. Others mean well but are misguided. In the midst of all the voices, we need to remember that Jesus is our shepherd. He is the voice we need to listen for.

What are the voices you are listening to? Do they line up with the voice of the shepherd? Are you spending time in prayer and scripture to hear his voice?

Jeff Stearns, Promise Keepers Canada

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