Bible Verse: “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’” (John 14:6)

Scripture Reading: John 14:1-14

Having an uncommon name is a pain. People can’t spell it and very few can pronounce it. I’ve been called everything from “Pretzel” to “Pet Screw.”

However, there is one major advantage that amply compensates for the hassle. My identity is not confused. Can anyone mix up Engelbert Humberdink with Alexander Solzhenitsyn?

My friend, John Brown, has the opposite problem. Not only is he hassled at border crossings and banks, but in my Canadian hometown’s telephone directory you can call 256 J. Brown(s) and still not reach him.

One famous person who has taken an incredible amount of abuse, misunderstanding and character assassination simply because of his common name is JESUS CHRIST.

This name rolls easily off the lips of priests and perverts, the religious and the reckless. It is adored by some and accosted by others.

Some hail Him as God in flesh, others as a demented half-wit, confused over His identity. Some say He was totally without sin. Others portray Him as an oversexed pervert teaching one thing and doing another.

To some, He was ushering in a Kingdom not of this world. To others, He was a mere political activist attempting to sabotage Rome’s rule over Palestine.

To some, He was the Mighty Conqueror of the grave, death and Hell as He rose from the dead in resurrection power. To others, He is just one more dead religious “has been” with a man-made fable trailing His memory.

To a Jehovah’s Witness, Jesus is Michael the Archangel. To a Mormon, Jesus is the spiritual brother of Lucifer, one god of many gods. To a Scientologist, Jesus is a reincarnation along with EST. To a Theosophist, Jesus is the world soul. To a Christian Scientist, Jesus is the man indwelt by the Christ consciousness, the true divinity that is found in all of us. To the Hindu, Jesus was just another reincarnated manifestation of the world spirit like Rama and Krishna. To the Muslim, Jesus was a prophet along with Abraham and Moses, all of them now dead, and prior to Mohammed “the final prophet.” To a New Ager, Jesus is just one of many “spirit guides” directing people toward their own godhood.

It’s obvious that all of these descriptions can’t be describing the same person.

Asking “Who is the real Jesus Christ?” is like asking who is the real “John Brown.” There are many of them and they’re all different.

However, only one Jesus Christ ever said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but by me.” That claim is absolutely absurd if placed in the mouth of any other Jesus than the Christ of the New Testament scriptures.

Before we settle back securely and brush off the incredible claims of Jesus, it’s worth checking out the historical person who spoke them: the one and only original.

But be careful; reading the facts in the New Testament about the genuine, historical Jesus Christ could change your life… forever.

— Dave Petrescue in Pastor Dave’s Reflections
© Brenda Petrescue, 2008. Used By Permission.

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