Bible Verse: You, Lord, will keep the needy safe and will protect us forever from the wicked (Psalm 12:7)

Every day, people are deeply wounded by the words of another. There are those who are devastated by the words of someone they thought loved them, and there are others who are left distraught by people who will tell them one thing and do something else behind their back. Then, there are also the words of people who appear to have power and might. In these cases, they can devastate the lives of people they don’t even know simply by speaking words that lead to decision and actions being taken by companies, governments, and others with earthly might.

This is David’s lament in Psalm 12. There is nobody faithful or loyal remaining in the human race. Everyone is out for themselves. The world is full of people who speak and act in the best interests of only one person – “me!”

In start contrast to the despair of those who are wounded by the words of others come the words of someone else. “I will now rise up. I will provide safety for the one who longs for it.”

If you have been devastated by the words of someone – the Lord sees your pain, hears your cry, and promises to provide safety for you.

The world praises and pursues what is ultimately worthless. God is your protector.

Every person believes a story about themselves and about life. Will you believe the words spoken by another person, or will you believe the words spoken by God?

— Kirk Giles, President Promise Keepers Canada

Further Reading: Psalm 12

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