Bible Verse: The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

Scripture Reading: Numbers 6:22-27

While wandering in the desert, the Israelites were instructed to meet in the evening to hear the Lord’s blessing. (That’s right — a Church service every evening!) This was a daily reminder with a threefold expression of Yahweh — The Lord — for emphasis. These three blessings represent the Godhead:

  1. The Father, to “bless and keep us”
  2. The Son, to be “gracious to us”
  3. The Holy Spirit, to “give us peace”

This communicated the Lord’s desire to invest His people with His name. This is not a grammatical error, by the way. What does that mean — investing His people with His name? Having the name of the Lord rest on you, so to speak, is another way of saying, “May the Lord live among His people and meet all their needs.” It is God’s promise to be with us and His call for us to be a blessing wherever we go. We are to carry His name with us. We are blessed to be a blessing!

In a very simple sense, the Lord’s blessing is His way of showing us that He wants nothing but the best for us. He commanded Aaron to give this blessing every evening, because He wanted it to be clear by repetition that God gives His blessing for our good. The word “bless” is not a wish or a prayer. It is a declaration of what the Lord imparts. It is binding and, once said officially, it cannot be taken back.

It is essential for us to know that God is with us all the time. You are invested with His name. There is no greater blessing.

So, what is holding you back from impacting the world for Him?

— Rick Verkerk, Promise Keepers Canada

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