Bible Verse: And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? Luke 18:7

Scripture Reading: Luke 18:1-8

The judge had had it. This woman had continually brought her problem to him, time and time again. This didn’t make hint care about her issue any more than at the start. But he did care about himself and his own peace of mind. Because of that, he gave her what she asked for. He gave her the legal protection that was her right to have.

We know how strongly this unjust judge felt about the tenacity of this woman because the Greek word that is translated into “wear me out” literally means to “give a black eye:’ To give a black eye meant to ruin his reputation. Not only was the woman wearing out the unjust judge mentally, but he knew that if she kept coming she had the potential to ruin his name because of his refusal to fulfill his legal obligation as a judge. The law was on her side. Evidently, this woman was showing up in a public court, telling the judge he was failing to do what was right. She had taken it as a matter reflecting the ability of the judge. She questioned his name, and she did it publicly.

Jesus makes an interesting contrast between the widow and the unjust judge and us before God Himself. “Now, will not God bring about justice for His elect who cry to Him day and night, and will He delay long over them? I tell you that He will bring about justice for them quickly” (Luke 18: 7-8). Jesus tells us plainly that if an unjust judge who cares not for righteousness or even the person bringing the claim will respond to a woman because of her persistence, how much more will God — who is just, righteous, and compassionate — grant us our legal rights bound to us through Him and His covenant?

The widow was a stranger to the judge. We are not strangers to God. We (the elect) are God’s chosen ones — we are His children. You and I who belong to Jesus Christ make up His elect. If an unrighteous judge will grant legal protection to a stranger in order to protect his own reputation, how much more will God bring about justice to His own children not only for the sake of His own name but for the sake of those whom He loves? Jesus makes it clear: He will not delay in doing so when you seek Him as the woman sought out the judge. Persistent prayer based on God’s law makes it a kingdom issue, and God cares about His righteous reputation. However, far too many of us look at the impossibility before us rather than the power to Whom we speak. So we simply give up too soon or fail to attach our request to God’s Word.

— Tony Evans, author of Kingdom Prayer

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