Bible Verse: “The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul.” Psalm 19:7, ESV

Scripture Reading: Romans 8:1-39

King David experienced thirst and hunger for God. He also savoured the reviving power of the Word of God for his depleted soul.

This week, we discussed the need to nourish our hearts in the Word of God. Here is a recap:

  • Nourishing Your Soul:
    The spiritual food we digest will determine the person we become.

  • Savoring the Word:
    The ultimate end of Scripture is not the text itself but an intimate, joyful, nourishing friendship with the living God.

  • Hiding God’s Word in Our Hearts:
    As the Word is stored in our hearts through this repetitive, meditative process and becomes one with us, it will bear fruit not just for the present moment but for the future as well.

  • Imagining The Story:
    Imagining a scene in Scripture helps us become part of the story and allows the story to become part of us.

  • Living The Word:
    The goal of our reading and meditating is to not just know God’s ways but to do God’s Word, living in obedience to it.

— Mauricio Rosa, Promise Keepers Canada

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