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Mauricio-Rosa selfie

Mauricio Rosa


Mauricio is our Online Community Relations Manager. Mauricio lives in Calgary where he has been involved in leadership in his own local church, including helping to plant a church, serving as an Elder, and giving leadership and teaching.

Tim Bergmann


Tim is a pastor, author and musician. He has been married to Jennifer for 32 years and they have six children and two grandchildren (plus one on the way). He loves reading, walking, memorizing and watching the Seattle Seahawks. Listen to Tim's interview here.


Refer to table for local time
Mondays, starting January 27
Pacific Daylight Time6 - 7 pm
Mountain Daylight Time7 - 8 pm
Central Daylight Time8 - 9 pm
Eastern Daylight Time9 - 10 pm
Atlantic Daylight Time10 - 11 pm
Newfoundland Daylight Time10:30 - 11:30 pm

Registration is closed.



What should I expect from this online small group?

The online small group is a forum for honest, real and authentic discussion, and yet, honouring one another’s privacy. There is no pretense. We believe that Jesus does not love a better version of us, but He meets us where He finds us. And through His Word, His Spirit and an honest community of believers, Jesus transforms us day-by-day, year-by-year, more and more into His likeness.

The online small group is not a course or bible study in the traditional sense of the word. Also, it is not your church nor your accountability group.

What will we be discussing?

We will be discussing enhancing your existing mental wellness.

In the first week, Pastor Tim will share his story of living with stress, anxiety and depression. He will also share what God did in his life. In the following weeks, we as a group will decide the points, topics, challenges and struggles related to Tim’s story and our own story. And by the Grace of God, we will pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in all truth and joy in Jesus Christ.

How long will the study go on for?

There are 4-sessions, beginning on January 27.

How many people can register for the online small group?

Registration is limited to 10.

What is the format?

The group will meet online via Zoom video communications. Each person will receive a code to log in online to participate each week in the discussion.

How do I log in? What if I'm having technical difficulties?

In the email confirming your participation, there will be a link to join online. In the email, there is also a link that you can click and access assistance and support with the website host.

Will I need anything else for the webinar?

You will receive a link to download the printable guideline.