An Easy Tool to Help Your Men Understand Their Identity in Christ.

Each of us longs to truly understand who we are and our place in the world. As Christians, we know a man’s true identity is found only in relationship with Christ. Even with this knowledge, men wrestle with the question of how to live as godly men. We are surrounded by a culture full of mixed messages and false ideals that can lead to confusion and frustration.

The Understanding Your Identity video workshop helps men to see and deal with the issues that can crush a man’s identity. Properly grasping your identity in Christ is the basis for living with real confidence and affects all areas of your life.

Watching this workshop with your men will give them teaching to help them move from an unhealthy view of their identity to a healthy view with a strong, practical and biblical foundation.

*The video workshop is only available until Wednesday, January 15th.

understanding your identity powerpoint

Relevant Content

You will receive a 75-minute high quality video featuring Kirk Giles leading your men through one of our most popular and positively reviewed workshops. In addition, we have included a printer-friendly PDF of the workbook to help attendees take notes for further discussion.

Customizable to Your needs

The workshop is broken into three sections. Show the video how you want, when you want. In one sitting or several. Print off as many copies of the workbook as you want. This video workshop gives you a flexible resource to fit your schedule.

A Memorable Experience

In addition to great teaching and the workbook, we have provided questions for group interaction. Throughout the video, you will be prompted to break into groups to discuss what you have just learned. Our years of running this workshop across Canada have shown these discussion times to be crucial in helping men personalize and apply these lessons to their lives.

Easy to Show

Once you’ve purchased the video, you will be able to use it as per your discretion. Our recommendation, based on our Blueprint framework for discipling men, is to have an equip event, where you will maximize the opportunity to gather as many men as possible. However, you can use this resource, the best way it will suit your ministry, in how you are discipling your men.