"Two Hours After Installing KidsWiFi It Had Already Blocked My Eight-Year-Old Son From Seeing A Porn Site."

Over the years I have searched for an internet filter that would work well to protect my family. Not that long ago, a simple filter on the desktop computer worked well. However, with the addition of tablets, iPods, cell phones and laptops, there just didn’t seem to be a solution that worked well.

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Just the Best of the 'Net

KidsWifi can filter adult and mature content, social networks, gambling, illegal downloads, ads, identity trackers and more. Even Google searches and YouTube videos can be filtered.

“What I really appreciate about KidsWifi is the simplicity of its setup. With most other products on the market, the parent needs a computer science degree to get a product installed on the child’s device. After plugging in KidsWifi to an electrical outlet, you now use your computer or mobile device to set it up, which only takes 5 basic steps and Shazam! — your kids are ready for a safer way to access the Internet.”

– Darren Laur, S/Sgt. (Ret.) Victoria Police Department

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You're in Control

Promote healthy screen time by going offline for bedtime. Homework time? You can pause your kids’ Internet connection from your phone!

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Keep in the Know

Review sites visited by your kids to keep open communication about your kids’ online activities.

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Parent your kids online anytime, anywhere.

Everything about your kids’ online access can be monitored and controlled from your phone or any Internet-connected web browser.

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Give your kids the freedom to explore while protecting them online.

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