We may not even identify ourselves as fatherless, but both physical and emotional fatherlessness promote low self-worth, which also brings about unhealthy relationships. At the heart of the matter, a father helps a man answer the biggest question of all, “Dad, do I have what it takes?”

We sit down with Jonathan Lewis to talk about his story. When his father was in distress while scuba diving, Jonathan couldn’t save him, and his father drowned. “I had no strength left, and I could not get him to the surface. My lungs were full of water, and I was almost drowning myself. So, I let him go. When you let go of someone who is your whole world – how do you come back from that?”

Jonathan shares his journey through grief to healing. His realization of our sonship in Jesus and the purpose that comes from knowing God is for you.

Jonathan Lewis is the president of Eastport Financial Group Inc. and author of Deep Water. He is the dedicated husband to Sara Lewis and father of two beautiful daughters. Jonathan lives in Hebbville, NS.

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