In his last year of high school, Mike Gordon gave his life to Christ on a mission trip in what was considered the most dangerous city in the world at that time. Years before that decision, his parents broke up, and he was kicked out of his house with a garbage bag when he was 14. He spent years walking the broad road until he was invited to a church event which is deeply connected to everything he does today in ministry.

Mike has now been in ministry for 16 years, and has become one of the most booked speakers in North America with over 2500 speaking engagements. In fact, Mike will be speaking at the Impact men’s conferences, as well as leading the youth breakout sessions across Canada. “It would mean the world to me if you came out to support this ministry.”

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This is a Christian podcast for Canadian men. Whether we are following up on an article in the latest issue of SEVEN magazine, sitting down with speakers from our conferences or interviewing those in the know, each episode focuses on different real-life issues men care about. Together we explore what it means to live day to day with authentic faith.

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