Media today often creates a false narrative around Christianity. The truth about the good Christians bring to society is downplayed, ignored or purposely distorted, especially for Christian men.

In this podcast, Dr. David Haskell shares scientific research showing Christian faith actually has a positive effect on men. They are more likely to treat women with respect, have higher satisfaction in their marriage and get more involved with their kids. Faith in Jesus makes them better husbands, fathers and citizens. He also touches on Christianity’s positive influence on society, and whether a political party should get involved with religion.

Dr. David Haskell is a professor and social scientist at Wilfrid Laurier University. He researches and publishes on religion and culture in Canada with a specific focus on Christianity.

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This is a Christian podcast for Canadian men. Whether we are following up on an article in the latest issue of SEVEN magazine, sitting down with speakers from our conferences or interviewing those in the know, each episode focuses on different real-life issues men care about. Together we explore what it means to live day to day with authentic faith.

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