Blueprint Leader’s Kit

Blueprint is all about helping local churches build Godly men – men who are committed to seeking first the Kingdom of God in every area of their life.

Hundreds of resources have been developed to assist local churches over the years, but few have presented a framework to bring all of these resources together into an intentional strategy for discipleship.

This leadership training will equip local churches to build a framework for the discipleship of every man in their church.  It moves ministry to men from random events and small groups to intentional focus on shaping men to be like Jesus.

Discover the framework that is being called “the absolute best I’ve seen.”

Kit includes:

  • Leader’s Workbook
  • Blueprint for Leaders teaching videos. Based on the content of the live workshop, these videos explain the Blueprint strategy:
    • Message for Pastors
    • The Vision for Men
    • Defining Ministry to Men
    • The Elements of Discipleship
    • Starting Point – Events for Men
    • The Follow Up Process
    • The Ministry to Men Team


  • Electronic copy of all supporting documents, including:
    • Survey for men
    • Tips for promoting an event
    • Mentoring questions for men
    • Praying for your men


  • Building a Male Friendly Culture article
  • How God Makes Men by Patrick Morley
  • Leading Me by Steve A. Brown