Different Kind of Happiness, A

Larry Crabb

Discovering the Joy That Comes from Sacrificial Love

True happiness comes from true relationship–and true relationship comes from sacrificial love

How to love when you don’t feel like loving

Everywhere we look, we see evidence that love is in short supply. Terror and corruption, school shootings and troubled marriages, impatient online sniping and character assassination–all point to the fact that we do not know how to love one another as Jesus commanded and modeled. We put our own interests, comfort, and happiness first, despite the fact that the greatest happiness comes through sacrificial love.

A Different Kind of Happiness shows you a love that is deeper than being nice and serving others. It’s a love that relates to others in such a way that they feel heard, seen, and valued. A love that sacrifices and suffers and keeps loving, even when doing so is costly. This kind of love, says Dr. Larry Crabb, is the kind shown to us by our Creator and Redeemer–and it’s the kind worth fighting for in all of our relationships.