Justice. Mercy. Humility.

Rusty George

A Simple Path to Following Jesus

A Faithful Life Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

We’ve made following Jesus far too complex. If we don’t watch ourselves, the Bible can turn into a to-do list: love others, forgive those who hurt you, be patient, give to the hurting, serve in your church, pray without ceasing, confess your sins, and on and on. But is checking things off a list really what Jesus intended when he said, “Follow me”?

More than two thousand years ago, the prophet Micah called upon Israel to return to its true calling: “Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with your God.” Could it be that this is the most practical way to follow Jesus? In this freeing book, pastor Rusty George shares how to let this verse simplify your understanding of what God asks of you. What does justice look like in this day and age? How are we to show mercy to others and ourselves? And perhaps most difficult in this selfie world, what does it mean to live a humble life?

A life of faith should not be a chore, so put away your checklists and learn how to walk simply with God.