Five Marks of a Man, The

By: Brian Tome

Finding Your Path to Courageous Manhood

A boy doesn’t automatically become a man at age eighteen. What differentiates a man from a boy is the way he lives.

A boy . . .

  • lives day to day
  • wants to be MVP
  • plays
  • wants the reassurance of the crowd
  • is a predator

A man . . .

  • has a vision for his life
  • is a team player
  • works
  • has the courage to take a minority position
  • is a protector

These are the five marks of a man. They are a primal code that every great man in history has aggressively pursued. Drawing from his own experience and the lives of others, pastor Brian Tome calls on men to examine themselves and take steps in the direction of the adventure of a fully realized manhood that honors God, respects women, elevates others, and works purposefully for an end greater than their own satisfaction or pleasure.

ISBN: 9780801093708