Are you interested in getting more of the 25-65 year old men, the decision makers for their respective households into your businesses and utilizing your service or product?

We can put you in touch with your market.

We are a national, non-profit, Christian men’s ministry, with representation throughout Canada. We host a number of conferences, seminars and live events ranging from 200 to 5,000 attendees across Canada.

  • Each month we mail out resources and a newsletter to 7,000+ households registered for our [email protected] program. The Promise Keepers Canada websites are visited by tens of thousands annually and our monthly e-newsletter is received by over 15,000 men across the country.
  • From October to May throughout Canada, men will attend Promise Keepers Canada Men’s Conferences. Men will be challenged to be better fathers, husbands, and employees and in doing so benefit their communities as a whole. We are currently putting together partnerships and would like to discuss how your sponsorship can help you target your market, grow your business and change men’s lives.
  • Table displays to showcase your information and interact with potential customers, banner displays, program advertisements, web advertising, and acknowledgement on the projection screens are some of the marketing resources available to you.

For further information please contact Rick Verkerk, Director, Conferences, at 1.888.901.9700 ext. 300 or [email protected]